Thursday, November 13, 2014

Our Town: Some (more) of my favorite recent portraits.

Our Town is wrapping up the initial year out-and-about Nashville making portraits, and evolving into other phases. Very excited about our upcoming show at the Nashville Public Library’s Main branch. The show will be up from November 22nd until the end of March or beginning of April (something like that). Please get by the NPL and check it out! Check Our Town Nashville on Facebook for updates. There’s rumored to be a fun closing party in the spring, and possibly a Bryce-led tour or two of the show.

These are a few from some of the later events: Casa Azafran, Metro Council, the Knowles Senior Center, and some from a few folks who walked into the shop and made a portrait here. The “surrogate grannies” at Knowles made some of my favorite odd, un-selfconscious portraits. As did the Council members, who seemed the most serious and grown-up, but made some pretty fun self-portraits. The Knowles ladies’ pictures were made using the worst available fluorescent lighting known to man, but their heart shines through.