Wednesday, September 27, 2017

False Memories of an Unknown Vaterland.

Lordy mercy, I haven’t published anything on this blog in ages. Now that I’m mostly self-exiled from social media, at least the F-word Zuckerberg part of it...will anyone even see this!?

Trying to get back into it with gusto. Even if it’s just for myself. Stay tuned.

Was sitting looking at this German flag waving in the Midwestern American breeze prior to my little town’s annual “Kunstfest” recently, felt weird (as it always does) since I have absolutely no attachment to Germany. “Kunst” means “art” although the festival has little to do with art, and more with funnel cakes, etc.

Flags. Nationalism. Et cetera.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Tintype Year—An Obituary

For the longest, I was posting the work from my Tintype Year project on here. A week at a time. It was wearing me to a nubbin. Got waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy behind. Felt I was never going to catch up. The project was a blast, learned a lot from the discipline, appreciate all of the friends and strangers who participated!!

Many of them are here: 

Haven’t been keeping up the web presence (to say the least) just realized the card that my website was billing to had expired and they had taken my site offline recently (woopsy;) Nobody died.

Menahem Pressler Piano Weekend

Pianists Ilya Friedberg, Phyllis Pan, and Noah Sonderling, from this past weekend’s inaugural New Harmony Music Festival and School Menahem Pressler weekend. 

The 92-year-old Pressler is the original pianist from the Beaux Arts Trio, and has had an illustrious career as an educator at Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music since the mid-1950s. Friedberg, a concert pianist, is Pressler’s senior teaching fellow, and Pan and Sonderling are two of the maestro’s prized undergraduate students.

The inaugural weekend was in part to raise funds for the restoration of “Helen”—the Steinway which belonged to Helen Corbin-Heinl, a respected 19th century concert pianist, who lived in New Harmony. Helen had moved away with her people, and the family wished her to return to New Harmony and be made whole again.

I was at Saturday night’s concert, which also included Ilya Friedberg’s compatriots in the Bloomington Trio, and guest pianist Greg Kostraba. It was amazing. Looking forward to seeing what this Pressler weekend becomes. It has certainly had a lovely beginning.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tintype Year—Week Thirty (July 23–July 29)

Thanks to Andy Mumma, Prince of Barista Parlor (x2); Trent Nicholson; two sweet girls who I met in front of Hatch Show-Print who were in town for a princess/pageant convention (or something); Mr. Selfie’s feet going dressed as a black & white New York cookie for Halloween; and last but not least, Stella!

Tintype Year—Week Twenty–Nine (July 16–July 22)

Lordy mercy, I’ve been neglecting my blog! I will try to do better (and spme days I will and some days I won’t). Thanks to Lauren (x2); Dafi; Mr. Selfie; Squibbin with distorto-lens; Sai-chan; Jim Pulliam

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Squibbings.

My talented, lovely, hilarious (and sexxxy) Isle of Printing work compatriot and amiga-boo, Elizabeth Williams. Some pictures we made a while back at Club Roar to celebrate her then-new sweet bangs;)

Tintype Year—Week Twenty–Eight (July 9–July 15)

Thanks to Bakelite Baby; Oilman Drew; Billy Brand; Ricki; Mazz Swift; Allen; The Existential Darkness Inside My Pocket (Accidental Portrait).