Sunday, February 17, 2013

Quelle Elle.

The word-play post-title schtick won’t hold up past this one. But thought it was too good to pass up, since my maiden post on this blog is the lovely Elle Long. From a pretty quick getting-to-know-you test shoot at her house. She has such a great look. Quelle Elle!

Does the world need another %@$#%$ blog?!

The answer, in short, is probably “no!” Or possibly “Non!”

But I’ve been feeling for a while that as an up-to-date resource for showing People pictures, my Backwoods Utopia blog has become kind of hodge-podgey. It began as a sort of small-town life chronicle, and has evolved into something slightly larger and slightly more discombobulated.

So. Another day, another person blogging into the ether.

I wanted to call it “Picturing”—because I’ve always liked the funny simplicity of that word describing making pictures of people/things/places, as opposed to the the venerable “making a portrait.” I mean it in a kind of skewed, non-traditional sense, more “He was caught in the act of picturing her” than “Frankly, I was picturing something quite different.”

Sadly, that name was not available. Neither were nearly any of myriad variations upon the word “picture” or “image” in English, Latin, Greek, et cetera.

Settling on the French “Quelle Image” was fairly tongue-in-cheek. It means, literally, “What an image(!)”—and is more cheeky than boastful, though I will always be rather proud of what’s on display here. And so it goes.