Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014

Tintype Year—Week Five (January 29–February 4)

Thanks to Emma from New Dialect; always Elizabeth; Nina from Nashville Public Radio; and Jashawn, Michael, Jay and Lawrence, friends from Our Town’s project at Room in the Inn.

Our Town!

Have been quite pleased and honored to be the as-much-of-the-time-as-I-can official portrait photographer for this project. Our Town is the brainchild of my old pal Bryce McCloud, Founder and proprietor of Nashville’s Isle of Printing, and I am one of a rotating cast of characters which always includes Bryce’s IoP partner-in-crime (and in matching customized speed-suit), the talented and lovely Elizabeth Williams. Our Town is kindly supported by a grant from the Metro Nashville Arts Commission.

The basic thing is this: A magical bicycle-cart arrives (often with the aid of an old green ’76 Ford pickup) with the helpful and capable Our Town staff. Participants create a self-portrait, using black ink and a custom-made stamp kit. They then trade the original artwork to the project in exchange for a beautiful letterpress-printed version of a previous participant’s portrait. Then (when I’m there) I take portraits of the portraitists WITH their portraits! It’s a full circle. The participants are from all walks of life and all levels of artistic skill. It’s about heart. And willingness to be part of something. And sometimes Art (with a capital “A”). I love that even the ones that are not technically accomplished seem to have some piece of the makers in them.

Here are a few of my faves from the events I’ve shot, which include Handmade & Bound, Southern Festival of Books, Room in the Inn, Parnassus Books, and most recently Oasis Center. Not to be disparaging of the other pictures, I just didn’t take ’em;)

This is far more pictures than I usually post here, but it’s been a great adventure, and there’s so much good stuff here. And more to come!

The end product is somewhat evolving, but will be a sort of Self-Portrait of Nashville. Stay tuned.
Our Town’s website is here: Isle of Printing’s is here:


Dr. Razor

Not his super-hero name. His actual name. Dr. Mark Razor, administrative faculty at University of Southern Indiana. Mild-mannered literary antiquarian...or is he? He could definitely be in league—name-wise—with any Dr. Strange or Dr. Doom, to name but a few Marvel baddies. He’s not a bad guy. seems like quite a GOOD guy. He had fabulous stuff at the 2nd annual New Harmony Antiquarian Book and Paper Fair earlier in February.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Tintype Year—Week Four (January 22–January 28)

Thanks to Caroline and her babies; Young Elliot; The Marchesa; multi-instrumentalist/producer Lex Price; Lex Price’s beard; and Banning from New Dialect.


“She got legs, she knows how to use them.” My lovely and stylish co-worker at Isle of Printing, Miss Squibbin, working the large laser cutter. I thought it made a mighty splendid found composition.