Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tintype Year—Week Thirty (July 23–July 29)

Thanks to Andy Mumma, Prince of Barista Parlor (x2); Trent Nicholson; two sweet girls who I met in front of Hatch Show-Print who were in town for a princess/pageant convention (or something); Mr. Selfie’s feet going dressed as a black & white New York cookie for Halloween; and last but not least, Stella!

Tintype Year—Week Twenty–Nine (July 16–July 22)

Lordy mercy, I’ve been neglecting my blog! I will try to do better (and spme days I will and some days I won’t). Thanks to Lauren (x2); Dafi; Mr. Selfie; Squibbin with distorto-lens; Sai-chan; Jim Pulliam

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Squibbings.

My talented, lovely, hilarious (and sexxxy) Isle of Printing work compatriot and amiga-boo, Elizabeth Williams. Some pictures we made a while back at Club Roar to celebrate her then-new sweet bangs;)

Tintype Year—Week Twenty–Eight (July 9–July 15)

Thanks to Bakelite Baby; Oilman Drew; Billy Brand; Ricki; Mazz Swift; Allen; The Existential Darkness Inside My Pocket (Accidental Portrait).

Tintype Year—Week Twenty–Seven (July 3–July 9)

Thanks to Kevin Titzer’s sculpture; Cowboy Santa; King Selfie the Rural; Miss Milkcow; Creepy Bearded Baby Santa; Lauren; Mr Selfie with buzz-cut.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Shelby: Pie–Town Queen for a Day

A.K.A. “Shelby and the Case of the Dematerialized Railroad-camp Underpants” Catching up on editing some pictures. Finally. These are from December. Fun times. Walking around looking at graffiti and detritus. As we do.

Tintype Year—Week Twenty-Six (June 26–July 2)

Thanks to Stone Phil Bredeson; Mr. Selfie of Darkness; Andrea; Sai; Jenn; John; Devil-Girl.

Tintype Year—Week Twenty-Five (June 19–June 25)

Still behind on posting these (obviously). Thanks to Shanti; Laura; Camo Sumo; Jesus; Sai; Buddha-with-a-pipe-bomb (by John Donovan); Ella.