Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tintype Year—Week Seven (February 12–February 18)

Falling seriously behind in posting these...but so far have posted a faux-tintype to Instagram
every day this year! Up to 114 today. Very proud. Thanks to Garry, Shanti, Audrey, Briana, Mr. Selfie, Karmyn, and Emma.

The Day The Press Movers Came to the Isle of Printing

Last time I was in Nashville, in the midst of all manner of moving and shaking, I arrived one morning to find that the press movers were (quite by surprise) on their way. A little tense excitement, but these guys are amazing pros. Bob—the main guy—has been moving presses for over 50 years, did it all on his own for years. Now, Bob’s in his 80s and most of the work falls to two younger men and a Tow Motor.