Friday, August 22, 2014

Tintype Year—Week Fifteen (April 9–April 15)

I’m so behind posting these, I’m breaking a pretty strict rule with myself, and posting two weeks together to catch up. A little. Only about 20 weeks behind now;)

Thanks to Mr. Sassy Booze Bottle; Mr. Selfie being “anonymous”; Ella–nutella–bobella–fofella; Sock Monkey; Ryan, a plein-air painter; Sven again (Sven-again’s Wake?); Mr. pitcher-head President Reagan. It was a week for inanimate subjects.

Tintype Year—Week Fourteen (April 2–April 8)

Thanks to Brady from Hammer Press in KC, MO; Mr. Selfie from the carport in Hendersonville; our former landlord, now neighbor, Sven; Press-mover Bob; Miranda Pontes, who has unflaggingly “liked” this project; Paul Tillich’s big bronze head; and pot-metal Humpty.

Our Town: Some of my favorite recent portraits.

I don’t know why these struck me most. There are lots of good ones. Love interacting with these folks, however briefly. Their faces. Proud of their art, possibly a tad confused by art, whatever. These folks are from the Beck show at the Ryman, the Greyhound Station, Hatch Show Print, the Centennial Park big band dance, Isle of Printing, Family Day at OZ, and Layla’s Bluegrass Inn. I thank them for their efforts and their spirits.

Everybody’s in Our Town’s going Chihuahua!

If there was a theme—a binding element—at the recent Our Town at the Nashville Farmer’s Market, it was Chihuahua Cuteness. A little vendor neighbor befriended us and brought her little pup along. All were helpless in his clutches.