Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tintype Year—Week 10 (March 5–March 11)

Thanks to California Girl Sera, Disguised Becky Allen,  Mr. Hazelwood, Travis “Travois” Bly, old pals Jim McGuire and Susan Hulme (both of whom I’ve known so many years it would be indelicate to mention how many), and violinist Arnaud Sussman—protégé of Itzhak Perlman—from a late-night jam at the New Harmony Music Festival and School.



My pals and cohorts in Our Town (and Isle of Printing), Bryce McCloud and Elizabeth Williams (and photo-bomb by Travis!) An excuse to show off the groovy OT bike cart umbrella for sunny days, such as the one experienced at Fond Object for Record Store Day.

Record Store Day+Our Town Nashville

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tintype Year—Week Nine (February 26–March 4)

Promised I wasn’t going to post these back-to-back, but otherwise I’m never going to catch up. Thanks to New Dialect friends: Becca, Elise, Rosie, Emily, and Carrie; to musician/comedian/actor Chris Crofton for breaking a tedious streak of beautiful dancers; and Elizabeth Williams, as the Muse of Sweeping.

Tintype Year—Week Eight (February 19–February 25)

Thanks to Sock Monkey, Jerry Wade, Sarah  Rhoades, Mr. Selfie, Leticia Bajuyo, Kate Maile, and Luke Davis.

Record Store Day 2014

Spent RSD doing an Our Town event at Fond Object in east Nashville’s Riverside Village. Had a big time making self-portraits with the folks, and enjoying hot dogs and Cokes. And music! Fond Object partner Poni Silver—fashionista and drummer with the Ettes—played with her other outfit, Kings of the F***ing Sea.


A lot was going on in New Harmony this weekend, with the Arts in Harmony festival, the Harmonie Hundred bike ride and this guy painting a new mural on the side of Sara’s Harmony Way. Whew, I think I need a nap;) The mural guy, Scott Hagan, a.k.a. “The Barn Painter” is from Ohio up around West Virginia. He learned his craft from one of the last of the old Mail Pouch Tobacco barn advertising painters. Nice guy, enjoyed talking with him. The mural was painted after a design by Ben Nicholson. I love the shadows, which Peter Pan-like seem to be working independently, and the strange glinting reflection off the brush on his neck.