Saturday, November 29, 2014

Tintype Year—Week Twenty-Four (June 12–June 18)

Thanks to Chicago artist Nick Butcher; Irish D; Allie, who sadly ended up having vampire eyes (a sometime side-effect of the tintype app), although maybe she IS a vampire; Mr. Selfie (x2); Ol’ Granny; and Justine.

Tintype Year—Week Twenty-Three (June 5–June 11)

Sorry for so many of these lately, but I am going to catch up with them one day soon if it wears out me and you both;)

Thanks to Li’l K; Christopher Layer founder of the New Harmony Music Festival & School; Ashley, who I met at Porter Flea; Andrew Duthy, our neighbor on the crust of Pie Town; sweet Zara, fresh off the plane from the auld sod; and Seagoing Sally.

Posey County Dreamin’ with Shanti.

Long ago and far away (OK, 10 miles down the road and around two years ago...but it SEEMS long ago and far away). Wandering down a little road next to the farmland of some of her kin, looking for beautiful light. Was looking back at these and this one was so sweet and dreamy-feeling.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Tintype Year—Week Twenty-Two (May 28–June 4)

Since we are roughly in the 47th week of 2014, I am by my reckoning nearly halfway to posting all of the portraits made thus far. The posting may dribble over into 2015.

Thanks to Kate; Japanese Robot Bear; One-eyed Mr. Selfie; Señor Elefont; Briana; Hair sign friends.

Tintype Year—Week Twenty-One (May 21–May 27)

Thanks to Dave Churchman; the Lady Van of Metro Arts; Susan O’Malley from Berkeley; John Fluevog; Hiram Kneesch; Mr. Selfie; Lady Squibs.

Lauren—15th November, Pt. 3

Last of these.

Tintype Year—Week Twenty (May 14–May 20)

Thanks to Sai-chan; Gary the Ox-man; Mr. Selfie (x2); Robert from Josephine; Ben, who visited Isle of Printing on his way north from Oxford, MS; the lovely and ever-supportive Miranda.

Tintype Year—Week Nineteen (May 7–May 13)

Thanks Salty Santa; Mr. Selfie (x2); The Monkey of the Traveling Toothbrush; Mario, the bent-wood man; Sebastian the young poet; my old pal Kieran Kane.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Lauren—15th November, Pt. 2

More of these. I adore this woman’s toughness, sweetness and honesty (and goofiness).

Ma and Pa are so excited.

They forgot to get totally dressed. Come on out to the big Our Town exhibit at the Main Nashville Public Library! Amazing mannequins from the old days of the downtown Castner-Knott sporting Our Town speed-suits. Stamped portraits! Letterpress prints of stamped portraits! Photographs on plywood! Moving pictures! It’s all there.