Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tintype Year—Week Thirty (July 23–July 29)

Thanks to Andy Mumma, Prince of Barista Parlor (x2); Trent Nicholson; two sweet girls who I met in front of Hatch Show-Print who were in town for a princess/pageant convention (or something); Mr. Selfie’s feet going dressed as a black & white New York cookie for Halloween; and last but not least, Stella!

Tintype Year—Week Twenty–Nine (July 16–July 22)

Lordy mercy, I’ve been neglecting my blog! I will try to do better (and spme days I will and some days I won’t). Thanks to Lauren (x2); Dafi; Mr. Selfie; Squibbin with distorto-lens; Sai-chan; Jim Pulliam